the creative state.

Too often we make the mistake of believing that we have complete control over the production of art. In truth, art is not something you make, it is something that happens. True art is never a result of intellectual reasoning alone. It is by necessity the result of a contemplative and ephemeral experience. An art object is produced when you achieve a state where it is impossible not to create art. The primary challenge of art production is cultivating this mental state that allows sensitivity and insight. If your goal is to create an object that will open the eyes of another, you must firstĀ resolve to open your own eyes to the wonder of all things. Art making is a search. You can not order a work of art into existence but rather must coax it out of hiding. The inability to deviate from your initial intention will strangle any beauty, spontaneity, and life from your work. Yes, certain processes and techniques require a degree of planning, control, and reason, however, art will notĀ be forced. Allow your efforts to be a dialogue instead of a dictation. The joy of discovery will always far outweigh the fear of uncertainty.